RedTail SecurePay is a customizable technology platform that transforms any business into an online e-commerce powerhouse. Developed for Canadian sellers, RedTail SecurePay can be implemented in one of two ways - either as a standalone web store or as a fully integrated product with your brick and mortar location. Our fully integrated solution provides the highest level of operational efficiency by integrating with our top tier point of sale and business management system - RedTail POS.

Regardless of your chosen option, start selling online quickly with a RedTail SecurePay Merchant ID. Maintain complete control over your branding, design and overall marketing strategy. Reach new customers while retaining existing ones and grow your business!


  • A custom URL is issued to your business with a SSL security certificate
  • Your custom  URL integrates to your existing website for your customers to enjoy a safe and enriched online shopping experience
    • Don't have a website - don't worry. We handle that too! We'll procure a domain name on your behalf  - build a site and integrate it with your newly assigned web store URL
  • All RedTail SecurePay web stores are PCI compliant
  • Our shopping cart and checkout designs blend with industry leading payment processors for a safe and secure customer checkout
  • Online payments are linked directly to your own banking system for complete security and privacy


  • Order Integration
    • Custom written API to link and send your online orders from your web store to your brick and mortar location
    • Online orders drop directly into your RedTail QuickTouch selling screen within minutes
  • Order Notifications
    • Initial customer email notification when an online order is placed
    • In-Store Acknowledgement of order
    • Second customer email notification after In-Store Order Acknowledgement
    • Custom audio alerts for incoming orders
    • Colour change alerts for incoming orders
  • Online Order View
    • View your online order separately
  • Online Sales Reports
    • View your online sales separately
    • View your online payments
  • Automated Invoice Generation
    • Invoices are automatically generated in store when a customer pays online
  • Fail Safe Cross Check Technology
    • RedTail Pulse Technology: In-Store POS system checks your web store for new orders every few minutes
  • No need to log in to your web store or check email for new orders


  • Minimal setup fee if $500.00 CAD
  • No design fees
  • No development fees
  • No deployment fees
  • No transactions fees on your first $30,000.00 (annually)
  • * No hosting fees
  • ... and No Monthly hidden fees


  • Includes Annual Support Subscription 
  • Includes Annual Maintenance Fee Based on Success. We succeed when you succeed! 
    • 2.00% on annual volume between $30,000.00 and 100,000.00 annually
    • 1.75% on annual volume between $100,000.00 and 150,000.00 annually
    • 1.50% on annual volume between $150,000.00 and 300,000.00 annually
    • 1.25% on annual volume greater than $300,000.00 annually
  • All pricing in CAD currency
  • * Web hosting fees are applicable if your business does not have an existing website and wishes to procure one in addition to your custom issued URL.