Customer Stories

We decided to adopt RedTail SecurePay once COVID-19 hit. Many of our customers were restaurant owners and closed due to the pandemic. We needed other revenue streams to remain operational ourselves so we made some posts on Facebook and offered free delivery in our local area. We now have a fully functional web store and a steady stream of orders. Best decision we made in 2020.

Meat Packing Facility
Nova Scotia, CANADA

We run a small but very busy cafe on beautiful Cape Breton Island. Along with our local and loyal customers we typically see a lot of tourists come through our area. We implemented a POS system in store several years ago so we could manage our orders and email receipts on the fly to our tourist friends. This past year we added online ordering and it was an instant success. We anticipate that our online ordering system will soon be a key component of our business operations.

Cafe and Bakery Owner
Nova Scotia, CANADA

We have been talking about online ordering for a few years and reached the point where we believed the business was lacking a key ingredient that would attract and retain customers. However, we needed it to be fully integrated in order for our in-store operations to remain highly efficient. Our POS system runs many different aspects of our business. RedTail SecurePay seamlessly integrated with our RedTail POS system and we couldn’t be more pleased with how easy online ordering is for our customers. Online ordering has already proved to be a big success and will give us many years of growth.

Pizza Chain
Nova Scotia, CANADA

I have been in the tire business for many years and have seen so many changes in technology…Tire technology as well as computer technology.  With our business already computerized with a POS and vehicle servicing system we see online services as a natural progression. We are currently in the midst of putting some of our services online. Our RedTail SecurePay partner is excellent in handling whatever tech we need. So far so good!

Tire Shop Owner
Nova Scotia, CANADA